Auto Layout

May 20, 2019

How to Build a Simple iOS Chat App – Ep 4 – Building the User Interface in Xcode 6

Building the User Interface in Xcode 6 In this lesson, we start building the user interface for our chat app in Xcode, using the Storyboard, auto […]
May 20, 2019

Common Xcode Errors – Auto Layout Constraints

Auto-layout is the system used to lay out the user interface elements on the view of an app. It’s described by a set of constraints (or […]
May 19, 2019

Exercise for Beginner Lesson 2 (2019)

This exercise is intended to be completed after watching lesson 2: If you haven’t started the series yet, I recommend that you start … watch […]
May 19, 2019

iOS How to Specify Size Class Specific Constraints

You’ll learn how to specify size class specific constraints in this video. For this particular demo, we’re doing it for the landscape orientation. This lesson is […]
May 14, 2019

SnapKit Tutorial for Autolayout Constraints

Learn how to use SnapKit to easily create programmatic auto layout constraints. Instead of using NSLayoutConstraint, you’ll use SnapKit’s DSL to write short but … watch […]
May 14, 2019

Auto Layout Tutorial (2019) – Lesson 2

This Auto Layout tutorial for beginners will start from scratch and teach you how to build user interfaces with Xcode and Interface Builder. Learn how to […]
May 14, 2019

Your First User Interface (2019) – Lesson 4

In this lesson, you’ll use a combination of Stack Views and Auto Layout constraints to construct the War Card Game user interface. Furthermore, it’ll work on […]
May 10, 2019

How To Make an App – Ep 6 – Auto Layout in Xcode 7 (iOS 9)

How To Make iPhone Apps with NO Programming Experience! Lesson 6: Auto Layout in Xcode 7 This lesson introduces auto layout in Xcode 7 as we […]
May 1, 2019

How to Make an App for Beginners – Auto Layout (2018) – Lesson 2

Learn how to make an app even if you have no programming experience! This is a 10 part video series designed for beginners in mind to […]